September 7 2021: Welcome to the Fall 2021 semester!
You will need a matrix account to do the ULI101 assignments. If you have never logged into matrix before, check your MySeneca email for confirmation that your matrix account was automatically created after you registered for ULI101. This should happen automatically if you are a new Seneca student and this is your first semester.

Logging in to matrix: After successfully logging into matrix from the college computers, there are several other ways you can login to matrix depending on your operating system of choice. Please see this guide for detailed instructions, and make sure you check out Using Desktop Linux below!.

In case of problems with: Please let     know the exact error message you received. It would help if you snap a picture of your screen or take a screen capture of your error message and attach to your email when you contact ServiceDesk through your MySeneca email.

Here is a link to Learning Centre's Supported Learning Groups (SLG) info
September 7 2021: Using Desktop Linux.
To connect to Matrix from a Linux Desktop, follow this link: Using Desktop Linux