Text and Reference Books

  • Szalwinski, C. M.  (2011).  Introduction to C++ for C Programmers. December 2011 Edition.  Seneca College.  Toronto, Canada.
    • Required Text - students are responsible for all material in these subject notes


  • Weaver, E.A.  (2003).  Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming Using C++. November 2003 Edition.  Seneca College.  Toronto, Canada.
    • includes 27 walkthrough exercises, most from previous tests and exams
    • includes 26 practice word problems, most from previous tests and exams


  • Savitch, W.  (2008).  Absolute C++.  Third Edition.  Addison-Wesley.
    • Recommended Reference
    • complete reference on C++
    • student friendly
    • complete examples
    • for students learning C++ as a second language
    • extensive coverage of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism
    • excellent review of syntax
    • post-millenium presentation style
    • summary boxes, tips, and pitfalls
    • self-test exercises with answers


  • Bronson, G.J.  (2006).  A First Book of ANSI C++.  4th Edition. Course Technology Press, Boston, MA, USA.
    • C++ as a better C
    • for beginner students, student friendly
    • include psuedocode

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