What is the exact output of the following program?  Show your intermediate work.

 #include <stdio.h>
 #include <string.h>

 struct R {
    char n[6];
    int a;

 struct S {
    double p;
    struct R q;

 struct S f(const struct R* x) {
    struct S a;
    a.q = *x;
    a.p = 3.142;
    return a;

 char g(struct R* y) {
    strcpy(y->n, "Wee");
    y->a = 3;
    return *y->n;

 int main(void) {
    char c;
    struct S u;
    struct R x = {"Jello", 159};
    u = f(&x);
    printf("%s,%.2lf%d\n", u.q.n, u.p, u.q.a);
    c = g(&x);
    printf("%s,%d.142,%cee\n", x.n, x.a, c);
    x.n[0] -= 3;
    x.n[1] = 'r';
    printf("%seeeeeeeeee\n", x.n);
    return 0;

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