Planned Weekly Schedule
Week Part Lecture Workshop Assignment
1 Introduction Welcome to C++ Discussion of the Assignment Set 1  
Object Terminology
Modular Programming
2 Foundations Basic Concepts Compiling Modular Source Code 1  
Member Functions and Privacy
3 Input and Output Examples Compound Types 1  
Dynamic Memory
4 Encapsulation Classes Dynamic Memory   2  
5 The Current Object Constructors   2  
Classes and Resources
6 Member Operators Class with a Resource   2  
Helper Functions
7 Custom I/O Operators Expressions   3  
Assessment Test 1
Study Week
8 Encapsulation Custom File Operators Input Output Objects   3  
Inheritance Derived Classes
Functions in a Hierarchy
9 Derived Classes and Resources Derived Classes   3  
10 Polymorphism Overview of Polymorphism Practice and Spare   3  
Virtual Functions
11 Abstract Base Classes Virtual Functions   4
Function Templates
12 Assessment Practice and Review Function Templates   4
Test 2
13 Conclusion The ISO/IEC Standard Practice and Spare   4
Exam Week

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