Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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  • Workshops and Milestones:

    Workshops and milestones are due on the assigned date. Extensions may be granted on an individual basis by emailing your instructor asking for permission only if you have attended the lab period in person. The email must include a reasonable proposed alternate delivery date, and a reason for the extension.

    There will be no extensions for workshops beyond the last day of classes.

    There will be no project milestone extensions beyond the Friday of week 11 of the course.

    If you submit your assignment and it is returned to you for resubmission by the Thursday of the final week of the course, you may still pass the course if your professor deems your resubmit to be working properly, and your average grade for the course is still above 50%.

  • Promotion policy:

    • must pass the final exam,
    • must have a weighted average of 50% or higher for the test and exam,
    • must successfully complete the project,
    • must have a passing average for the course.

    This means that you do not have to complete all workshops and do not have to write all quizzes. It also means that you can pass the course without passing the assignment, as long as it is successfully completed, which may be the case if the assignment is submitted late or returned for resubmission.

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