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Internet Radio Station Project

I am currently broadcasting an internet radio station called "Radio CS" via the Astro server at Seneca College. You should be able to listen in Linux or MS Windows if you have the XMMS or WinAmp applications installed.

Click on the link below to automatically listen to the radio station:
[ Listen to RadioCS ]

If you do not have any success listening to RadioCS in MS-Windows make certain to download WinAmp 5 from
[ Download free Winamp Player ]

You can also download an application called FOOBAR2000 to listen to the radio station
[ download FOOBAR2000 ] .
NOTE: During installation, make certain to select all Foobar2000 specific formats in "set associations" window. To play radio station, click Playlist, select Add location in the menu list, type <ENTER>. Point and double-click on the entry displayed in the playlist menu (under "Default" tab).

Slides - How to Setup An Internet Radio Station

[ ppt ]    [ pdf ]

If anyone is interested in this internet radio station, please e-mail me at .

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