IPC144 Assignment 2 Submission Instructions:

You MUST perform the following steps in order to submit your IPC144 assignment #2 to Mr. Saul...
Note: use "Copy & Paste" if you are not certain of the syntax or spelling of the Linux commands...

  1. Use SSH to connect to your Matrix account. It was mentioned that you MUST submit your IPC144 programming assignments within your Matrix account ... No exceptions ...

    WARNING: You may have problems if you are running the submission program if you are using PuTTY... If this is the situation, please use another SSH application...

  2. Create a subdirectory in your home directory by issuing the following command:

    mkdir ~/asn2

    (Note: the "~" symbol is called tilde, and it is a symbol to represent your HOME directory on Matrix. On most desktop computers, you can generate this character
    by pressing SHIFT plus the (key to the left of the "1") ).

  3. Move to the "asn2" subdirectory that you just created in step #1 by issuing the following command:

    cd ~/asn2

  4. Change permissions to allow only yourself access to this subdirectory by issuing the following Linux command (copy & paste if necessary):

    chmod 700 ~/asn2

  5. Copy your assignment #2 source-code file by issuing the Linux command displayed below. You will also be renaming this file. For demonstration purposes, I will assume that the name of YOUR file is called myasn2.c, and that your created it in your HOME directory:

    cp ~/myasn2.c ~/asn2/assign2.c

  6. Set the permissions for your newly-created file to only allow you access to view this file by issuing the following Linux command:

    chmod 700 ~/asn2/assign2.c

  7. Use a text editor to edit this file called ~/asn2/assign2.c and insert the following large comment near the top of your file. The comment is displayed below:

    Student Name: here
    Instructor Name: Murray Saul

    I declare with the submission of this program that:

    - only I wrote, tested, and debugged its contents.
    - I did not, have not, and will not disclose any of its contents
      using any means, electronic or non-electronic, to anyone.
    - I accept the consequences if I do not honour the above declarations.
    - I am allowed to represent my case if and when such conflicts exist.
    - My professor's decision, or the college,
      in such matters will be final.

    NOTE: Make certain to modify the above statement to include your FULL name to replace the word "here".
    Save changes and exit your text editing session.

  8. You need to run a program to submit your assignment to Mr. Saul.

    Here is the submittal program's file pathname:


    When run, this program will ask you some questions and perform some checks to make certain that your assignment is properly submitted... End of submission instructions...