BIF703 Lab 2 (to be handed to instructor in next class)


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The purpose of this lab is to familiarize BIF713 students with the Windows 7 operating system at Seneca College. This lab is divided into 3 sections:




Note: There are areas in this lab where students fill in the answer to the questions. Students are required to complete these answers and submit to their BIF703 instructor when indicated (please view instructions at the bottom of this lab for submittal instructions).


Section A


Windows 7 provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to allow users to perform tasks efficiently.  In this section, you will learn to navigate and perform basic operations by using your mouse and by using short-cut keys. Please refer to the MS Windows handout in order to help you complete this lab.


Required Tasks (Perform & Write answer when prompted):


  1. Login to MS Windows using your Learn user-id and password.
  2. Run the following applications:

-         Calculator (Hint: Under the Accessories submenu)

-         Ms Word (Located in applications menu)

-         MS Paint (located in Accessories menu)

(please keep these application windows open until asked to close them)


  1. Minimize all of your applications (show desktop) by pressing:

Note: For the remainder of this lab, you will be required to write answers within square brackets [ ... ]. This information will be marked and feedback will be provided on this lab when it is handed back by your BIF703 instructor.


  1. Restore each minimized window from the Taskbar.
  2. Switch between open window applications
    [ SHORT CUT KEYS:                  ]

  3. Show Desktop and just restore MS-WORD
  4. In MS Word:
    1. Display File menu options  [SHORT CUT KEYS:            ]
    2. Move to other menus (when menu item is open):     [KEY:            ]
    3. Display Help window         [SHORT CUT KEYS:            ]
    4. Close Help window             [SHORT CUT KEYS:            ]


  1. Type in three long sentences in your MS Word document..
  2. Perform the following tasks within your MS Word document:
    1. Move to top of document  [SHORT CUT KEYS:            ]
    2. Move to bottom of document  [SHORT CUT KEYS:          ]
    3. Move first sentence to the bottom of the document (i.e. make first sentence the last sentence .
      [ Describe steps your performed in task 9c:          ]
      [                                                                              ]
      [                                                                              ]
      [                                                                              ]
      [                                                                              ]
      [                                                                              ]

    4. Save the MS Word Document   [SHORT CUT KEYS:         ]
    5. Close the MS Word Document (not application window)   [SHORT CUT KEYS:         ]

  3. Try to view the calendar by right-clicking on the time
    (in the system tray located on the right-hand side of the TASKBAR)


[ WHAT HAPPENS?                                                                                ]

[                                                                                                                     ]

[                                                                                                                     ]

[                                                                                                                     ]


  1. Launch the application called SSH Client located on the desktop (remember to show desktop first). Use this application to connect to and log into your Matrix account.


  1. Maximize the SSH Client Window  (first by mouse, then by using the “properties” or “context” menu for SSH Client).

    [ Describe steps your performed in task 12 using the context menu:          ]
    [                                                                                                                    ]
    [                                                                                                                    ]
    [                                                                                                                    ]
    [                                                                                                                    ]
    [                                                                                                                    ]


  1. Restore the SSH Client window to it’s regular size.


What 3 commands  (or ways) allow you to disconnect from your Matrix server?

[                                                 ]

[                                                 ]

[                                                 ]



  1. Click and drag the mouse on the SSH Client Window’s title-bar to move the SSH Client window to the bottom right-hand-corner. Now, use the “properties” or “context” menu to perform the same task using the keyboard instead of the mouse.


[ Describe steps your performed in task 14 using the context menu:          ]
[                                                                                                                    ]
[                                                                                                                    ]
[                                                                                                                    ]
[                                                                                                                    ]
[                                                                                                                    ]


  1. Open all applications so they appear on the desktop.
  2. Take a screen capture of the entire desktop
     [SHORT CUT KEYS:            ]

  3. Make the MS Word application active. Paste the screen shot into your MS-Word document (below the text you previously entered)
    [SHORT CUT KEYS:            ]


Note: You should practice the remaining short-cut keys (on your handout) in order to get efficient navigating throughout your MS Windows system as well as editing text.


  1. Close all application windows and proceed to “Section B”

Section B


In addition to being a Graphical User Interface, Windows 7 also allows users to perform text-based operations from a “command prompt”. You will learn how to issue some common MS Windows OS commands from the command prompt.


The command prompt window can be activated in a number of ways:


  1. From the Start Menu (under Accessories submenu)
  2. Open Run dialog box: [SHORTCUT KEYS:                                              ]
  3. Type a command in the run dialog box to open the MS Command Prompt: [SHORTCUT KEYS:                                              ]


Try both of these methods to open the command prompt window. You can type exit followed by ENTER to close the command prompt window.


Let’s try some simple MS-Windows commands. Please type the following commands and explain their purpose (in your own words). Note: test out the command before entering the “purpose” in the table below. To learn how to use the command, type a forward slash followed by a question mark as an argument after the command

eg.       del /?
















dir /p














mkdir (md)






Close the command prompt window.


Section C


Google Docs allows students to create online documents to allow other students to work in teams (groups), as well as share these online documents with other people (for example: professors, clients).


The command prompt window can be activated in a number of ways:

Perform the following tasks to create and share an online document with your instructor.

  1. Perform a netsearch on the term "google docs" in your web-browser.
  2. Read instructions on how to create a google document, and then create a wordprocessing document called "BIF713"
  3. In this online document, type in your course code and section letter.
  4. In this document, write a paragraph explaining in your own words, how you decided to pursue the BIF program.
  5. Save your work, and write URL link that appears in your website address in the area displayed below:

Google Doc Link:

Submittal Instructions


Fill-out the answers to this lab, and hand-in to your BIF713 instructor in the next class.