BIF703 Lab 10


The Purpose of this lab is to familiarize BIF713 students with creating pages using PHP



Section A

Required Tasks (Please perform this tasks on your computer system): 

  1. Login to your Matrix account with your user-id and password.

  2. Create the directory pathname ~/public_html/lab10 

  1. Change to the directory ~/public_html/lab10  

  1. Create a file called course_input.php

  2. Add the following contents from the link below into your file course_input.php


  3. Save your file and exit.

  4. Create in that same directory, a file called average.php

    This PHP file will generate a report using the input from your form when form is submitted...

    Try filling out this form and view the results: 

  1. Using the above demonstration, code your average.php file to do the same thing. Output display does not have to exactly match demonstration...

  2. Test your input form and your average.php file to make certain that it works...

  3. Proceed to Section B...


Section B

Submittal Instructions

Send your course_input.php link (URL pathname) within an e-mail to your BIF713 instructor’s


Subject: BIF713-Lab10

*** END OF LAB 10 ***