BIF713 Assignment #3

Due Date: Monday December 2, 2013 at 11:59:59pm


To have students generate a BIF project proposal that will incorporate a definition of their project, diagrams to help describe how they will implement their project, and an appendix showing their online meeetings for supporting documentation.


You are required to produce a project proposal for your BIF project that is expected to be completed in your second term. You will build on the report that your group members created in your Google Doc in Assignment #2. In addition to submitting your project proposal to your BIF713 instructor, you are required to submit your project proposal to your Bioinformatics professor.

NOTE:Make certain to discuss with your Bioinformatics professor their Google Docs name (e-mail), and make certain to add their e-mail address, and give them permissions to view the Google Document.

Your project proposal should have the following elements:

  1. Titlepage, indicating project name, group members, Course code, date and instructor's name.

  2. Paragraph describing the scope and purpose of your project.

  3. Contact information of individuals that are providing information for you to complete this BIF713 project.

  4. Diagrams describing your project, and how you will plan the project.

NOTE: At least 2 of the following 3 listed diagrams related to your project which could include the following:

NOTE: You will be required to produce a Gantt chart will which will display how the various stages (phases) of your project will proceed, and how much time is dedicated to each phase, and how each phase relates to each other over the remaining project period.

  1. Supporting documentation from the “online” meetings which were generated to Assignment #2.
    This documentation can be included in an Appendix at the end of your project proposal

Assignment Submission:

Only 1 group member is required to submit the project proposal for evaluation.


Send an e-mail to your BIF713 instructor.


Subject: BIF713 – Assn3

Include a link to your Google Document, and make certain that your instructor has permissions to view your Google document.