Assignment 3
Version 1.0



For your third assignment, your group is to profile and optimize the code that you developed for assignment 2


Your group's submission is to be made through by your leader.  The submission includes:

  • files containing the source code and all data required to run the application on a CUDA-enabled platform
  • the spreadsheet file with the comparative data and the chart showing the difference between the results for assignment 1, 2 and 2
  • supplementary notes listing your principal observations - enter these in the Notes textbox


Your submission is a group submission and your mark will be the group mark, unless adjusted by the instructor as described below.  Your submission will include a description of the work done by each member.  Your instructor expects each member to carry their fair share of the work load and will adjust marks accordingly in the event of imbalances.

The penalty for late submission is 30% of the assignment mark.  If the submission is not workable, you will be asked to resubmit and charged a penalty of 50%.  The due date is posted in .

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