GPU610 and DPS915
GPU610 - Parallel Programming Fundamentals
DPS915 - Introduction to Parallel Programming
Subject to change
Test 1: Monday February 5 9:50 T2108
Test 2: Wednesday February 21 9:50 T2108
Test 3: Wednesday March 14 9:50 T2108
Test 4: Wednesday March 28 9:50 T2108
Test 5: Wednesday April 11 9:50 T2108

Welcome to Parallel Programming!

Check out this site.  The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cards that you need for this course are installed in lab T2108, where the workshops are held.  If you prefer to work outside this lab, you will need access to a system that has a CUDA-enabled GPU. 

Read the welcome page here.

CUDA Toolkit

Download and install the CUDA Toolkit from the Nvidia's CUDA Downloads Site.  Select the version that suits your operating system. 

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