Chris Szalwinski's Subject Standards

The resources for each course that I teach are accessible from the course web site.  The textbook listed on the subject outline is the key resource.  You may bring it to the tests and the exam, if they are open book. 

I expect assignment submissions to be fully workable.  If you meet all of the requirements for passing the course, but are unable to complete the last assignment before the end of the semester, I will enter a grade of INC and let you submit that assignment before the first week of the next semester.  If you don't submit all but the last assignment before the end of the semester, I will enter a grade of F.  All assignments submitted after the due date attract the published penalty.

Some of my courses include a wiki and a Moodle or Blackboard view.  The wiki provides everyone the opportunity to augment the course material with their own explanations, clarifications and examples.  Feel free to add to the wiki liberally.  The Moodle or Blackboard view lists the due dates, serves as the submission portal, provides a forum for out-of-class discussions and lists your grades.

Feel free to:

  • express your opinion if you disagree with what I say or the view of any student
  • ask questions regarding your own progress in the subject
  • correct any mistakes that you think I may have made

I make an effort to:

  • reply to emails within two days during school weeks except on weekends - if you do not receive my reply, please resend your email or raise your question in our next class
  • give you additional help if you encounter difficulty
  • mark each punctual assignment submission within two weeks, hopefully less
  • treat everyone fairly in regard to penalties
  • grant special consideration if you cannot write a scheduled test or submit an assignment on time because of a medical or an extraordinary situation

If you submit extra work as part of your assignment, please draw it to my attention in the notes section of your submission.  If you use someone else's material, please identify your source clearly.  I do not give credit for using someone else's material, but do recognize that building on another person's work where admissible is valid.  I only award marks for work that you yourself have produced and expect all individually assigned work to be completed on your own. 

I exercise no tolerance with respect to cheating and plagiarism, which is Seneca policy.  Seneca does not grant me any discretionary power.  I am bound to report any incidient of cheating or plagiarism to the Academic Honesty Committee.  Seneca lets me hear your rebuttal of my own allegations and re-exam the evidence, but if I see evidence of cheating or plagiarism I must report it to the Committee.  If I do, you will have an opportunity to present your view, along with any mitigating circumstances or justifications, directly to the Committee.  Please don't ask me to exercise discretion that I do not have.