File Transfer Protocol

File transfer protocol (ftp) is an industry standard protocol available on all computers that run Windows, UNIX and Linux to transfer files between computers. 

We can access ftp through a graphical open-source program like WinSCP, Filezilla or through a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. 


You can download a copy of WinSCP here.

Filezilla Video

Cathy Leung's video for Windows


In the browser's address bar, type

and press the GO button.  userid is your account name on the remote computer and matrix is the name of the remote computer.  The ftp will prompt you for your password and, once the remote computer has logged you in, will display the contents of the remote computer's home directory in the browser window. 

Open a second browser window and navigate to the directory on your local computer.  For example,


and press the GO button. 


In the remote window, select the file to download and drag and drop it into the local window.