Borland 5.5 Command Line Compiler

Downloading the Compiler

Click here to download bcc32 from a Seneca server.  

Installing the Compiler on the Local Computer 

  1. Close IE and any other running applications you may be using
  2. Close all open windows and return to the Desktop. Locate the file you just downloaded and double click on it.  This starts the compiler install application.  Click Next

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and accept all default settings

  4. The Windows Installer will unpack the files and install them in a directory called  C:\Borland\BCC55 
  5. When finished installing the product.  Register its use at the address shown in the above screen shot.

Setting Up the Compiler 

Before we can use the Borland compiler we must make three changes to our system.  First, we must change the Path environment variable so that the operating system knows where to look for commands that you type at the command line. Second, we must create a configuration file called bcc32.cfg which sets the compiler options to the include and lib paths.  Third, we must  create another configuration file called ilink32.cfg which will set the linker option for the lib path. 

Setting the System Path

Make sure you are using Windows as an administrator. 

  1. Open control panel and double click on the System icon
  2. The System Properties dialog box opens.  Click on the Advanced Sheet.
  3. Click on Environment Variables (Work slowly and very carefully)

  4. Click on the  Path  System variable. Click on  Edit.  Press the right arrow key to move your cursor to the end of the existing variable value, and type  ;c:\Borland\Bcc55\bin  in the text box as shown (make sure you add this text - don't replace the existing variable value!):

  5. Click OK to close the Edit System Variable dialog box 
  6. Click OK to close the Advanced Sheet
  7. Click OK to the System Properties dialog box

Setting Compiler Options

  1. Open Notepad and type the following exactly as shown.  Check your typing.

  2. Save the file in the  Borland\bcc55\bin  folder and name it bcc32.cfg.  Make sure the "Save as type" drop-down box is set to "All Files".

  3. Click Save
  4. Use the following keyboard short cut to create a new file - CTRL + N. Type exactly as shown.  Check your typing.

  5. Click on File Save as... Save the file in the same directory as above.  Name the file ilink32.cfg.  Make sure the "Save as type" box is set to "All Files".

  6. Click Save
  7. Close all windows and restart Windows (Start > Shut down > Restart).

The compiler is now ready for use.