Thanks for visiting the Seneca College site of Chris Szalwinski. 

I am a full-time Professor in the School of Software Design and Data Science of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Technology at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.  I teach in our BSD Applied Degree Program and our CPA/CPP Diploma Programs. 

I specialize in C, C++, and parallel programming.  This fall, I am on a leave of absence.

I usually teach the following courses:

  • OOP345 (Object-Oriented Software Development Using C++)
  • GPU621 (Parallel Algorithms and Techniques)

I am on online for student help during lab sessions and one-on-one help time as per my schedule.  The best way to reach me is through email. 

I am no longer the Programming Curriculum Coordinator responsible for the core programming curriculum.  That position no longer exists.  Please contact your Program Coordinator or the Chair of our School for any concerns in that regard.

I am also an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Studies Department of the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University.  There, I conduct research in geomechanics (specifically in the development of constitutive models for geomaterials and develop software that represents those models).

I have been developing software since 1968 and have been involved in transferring leading-edge software technology from academia to industry as well as across different academic institutions. 

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