Planned Weekly Schedule

Week Part Concept Workshop Project
1 Introduction Overview Instructor Assigned  
C++ Building Blocks
Compilation and Execution
2 Types Fundamental Types Across
Translation Units
Pointers, References and Arrays
Classes and Scoped Enumerations
3 Class Relationships Inheritance and Inclusion Polymorphism Copy and Move Semantics  
4 Compositions, Aggregations
and Associations
Processing Expressions
5 Functions Containers  
Error Handling
6 Standard Library Standard Library Lambda Expressions  
Containers and Iterators
Study Week
7 Standard Library Algorithms STL Containers Final Project
File Stream Objects
8 Raw Pointers STL Algorithms
Smart Pointers
9 Multi-Threading Smart Pointers
Thread Classes
10 Deeper Detail Pre-Processor Directives Multi-Threading
Arrays and Pointers to Arrays
11 Multiple Inheritance Instructor Assigned
Bit-Wise Expressions
12 Linked List Technology    
Other Topics

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