Planned Weekly Schedule
Week Part Lecture Workshop Project
1 Introduction Welcome to Object-Oriented Debugging Workshop  
Object Terminology
Modular Programming
2 Foundations Types, References and Overloading Compiling Modules  
Dynamic Memory
3 Member Functions and Privacy Dynamic Memory  
4 Encapsulation Construction and Destruction Classes and Privacy  
The Current Object
5 Member Operators Constructors  
Helper Functions
6 Classes and Resources Operator Overload  
Input and Output Operators
7 Assessment Test 1 Instructor Assigned Final Project
Study Week
8 Inheritance Derived Classes Class with a
Final Project
Functions in a Hierarchy
9 Polymorphism Virtual Functions Derived Classes
Custom I/O Operators
Final Project
Abstract Base Classes
10 Function Templates Virtual Functions Final Project
Overview of Polymorphism
11 Refinements Input and Output Refinements Function Templates Final Project
12 Derived Class with a Resource |  Language Standards Final Project
13 Conclusion Review Instructor Assigned  
Exam Week