Practice Problems

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 Name  Difficulty 
Product Code (iteration)**
Reinforcing Bar (functions, iteration)***
Lights (functions, iteration)***
Change Base (functions)**

Find Subject (arrays)**
Element Swap (arrays)***
Eratosthenes (arrays)****
Ruler (arrays)***
The Trees (files)**
Letter Arithmetic (arrays)**
Scroll (strings)***
Composition (structs)**
Check File (files)**

From Evan Weaver's Notes
Word Problems
 Name  Difficulty 
Bit Pattern (expressions)*
Multiplication Table (iteration)***
Harmonic (iteration)*
ln 2 (iteration)**
Euler's Method (iteration)***
getAnEvenInteger (functions)*
p (functions)***
sin(x) (functions)****
EAN (functions)**
noOfDigits (functions)***
Number Search (functions, iteration)**

Binary (arrays)****
Occurences (strings)***
String in a String (strings)**
Just Comments (files)***
Compress (strings)**
Postal Code (strings)**
Remove Duplicates (strings)**
Cyclic Right Shift (strings)**
Word Wrap (strings)***
Employee Table (strings)**
Valid Name (files)**
Sort By Initials (files)**

From Evan Weaver's Notes