In-Class Practice

nled Quick Reference

If online in nled, press Esc to obtain this summary:

<Esc> sequence summary:
  Press <Esc> to get the Command? prompt,
  then enter:
   A (*) to set Attention level (beep)
   B to mark Beginning of block
   C to Copy block to current position
   D to Delete block
   E to mark End of block
   F to Find a text string
   G to Go to a specific line
   H (*) to cHange file access mode
   I to Import another file into this
   K (*) to toggle tab c(K)ompression
   L to Load a new file into NLED
   M to Move block to current position
   N to give a new Name to current file
   O to run an Operating system command
   P (*) to Program a function key
   Q to Quit without saving file
   R to find and Replace text
   S to Save file to disk
   T (*) to set number of spaces per Tab
   U to Unmark block
   V (*) to saVe configuration
   X to save file and eXit
   Y (*) to set case sensitivitY for find
   Z to change case of current character
   ? to see this screen
   <Esc> or <Enter> to go back

     (*) - affects configuration which originally is:
     Attention level:2     Tab:8 [Compress On]
     File mode:Text        Case Sensitive:No

Special keys (in addition to normal cursor movement):
 <Ctl/B>,<Ctl/E> Beg & End of line;
 <Ctl/F>,<Ctl/L> First & Last screen line;
 <Ctl/U>,<Ctl/D> Page Up & Down;
 <Ctl/T>,<Ctl/R> Top & bottom (Rear) of file;
 <Ctl/P>,<Ctl/N> Previous & Next word;
 <Ctl/X> Enter hex code;
 <Ctl/O> Ins/Ovr

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