Planned Weekly Schedule
Week Part Lecture Workshop Assignment
1 Introduction Everyday Things Shame or Fame  
2 Cognitive Psychology  
3 Cognitive Aspects Thinking, Memory, and Emotion Haptics, Memory
Sensation, Perception, and Attention
4 Social Aspects Languages Readability  
5 Icons 1  
6 Computers Character Sets and Fonts Pointing Devices 1  
7 Memory, Processing, and Networking   1  
Assessment Test
Study Week
8 Computers Project Proposals   2
Memory, Processing, and Networking
9 Interaction Paradigms   2
Interaction Styles
Interaction Models
10 Cognitive Models and Architectures Product Evaluation   2
11 Design Usability Smart Phones   2
Usability Engineering
12 User Support Product Design   2
13 Assessment Final Presentations    
Exam Week