Text and Reference Books

  • Dix Alan, Finlay Janet, Abowd Gregory, Beale Russel (2004). Human-Computer Interaction. 3rd Edition. ISBN 978-0-13-046109-4. Pearson Education.
    • Required Text - material in the lecture notes is taken primarily from this source


  • Norman, Donald. (2002). The Design of Everyday Things. 2nd Edition. ISBN 978-0-465-06710-7. Basic Books.
    • easy to read
    • Norman is one of the pioneers of the field


  • Sears Andrew & Jacko Julie (2008). The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook. 2nd Edition. ISBN 978-0-8058-5870-9 Taylor & Francis Group LLC.
    • for professional designers


  • Shneiderman Ben & Plaisant Catherine (2010). Designing the User Interface. ISBN 978-0-321-53735-5. Addison Wesley.
    • Shneiderman is a leading authority in the field


  • dePalma Paul (2010). Computers in Society. 15th Edition. ISBN 978-0-07-352854-0. McGraw-Hill.
    • collection of selected articles from respected sources


  • Robertson Hugh (2001). The Research Essay. ISBN 978-0-9693068-7-0. Ottawa: Paperhill.
    • excellent guide to writing your first research essay


  • Norman Kent (2008). Cyberpsychology: An introduction to Human-Computer Interaction. ISBN 978-0-521-68702-7. Cambridge University Press.
    • thorough and details - complement to the Dix etal. text


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