Winter 2020 Enrollment FAQ

Resources for Students

Academic Advising is divided by programs:

Betrice Brangman (Room A3058H) Rei Tang (Room A3058J) Carol Ann David(Room A3058L)
Computer Programming and Analysis (CPA) Computer System Technology (CTY) Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Business Technology Management (BTM)
Computer Programmer (CPD) Computer Networking and Technical Support (CNS) Honours Bachelor of Technology- Software Development (BSD)
    Honours Bachelor of Technology - Informatics and Security (IFS)
    Database Application Developer (DAD)
    Project Management – Information Technology (PMC)


1. I would like to request a meeting with my Academic Adviser, how do I do that?

Your Academic Adviser is usually available without an appointment Monday to Friday. However, during the peak periods your Academic Adviser is available as follows:

Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Carol Ann David 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Rei Tang 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Betrice Brangman 9:00AM - 5:00PM


2. I'm a new student and Winter 2020 will be my first term.

We recommend all new students to review the NEW STUDENT GUIDE


3. I need to add a first semester course to my timetable

For English and Liberal studies courses such as COM101and APC100 (co-requisites), EAC397 – please email your English Coordinator clayton.cobb@senecacollege.ca

(CPD/CPA) To add a first semester course, IPC144, CPR101 or ULI101 please send an email to your Academic Adviser betrice.brangman@senecacollege.ca include your student number and the course will be added in early January.

(CNS/CTY) To add a first semester course, IOS110, HWD101 or ULI101 please send an email to your Academic Adviser rei.tang@senecacollege.ca include your student number and the course will be added in early January.


4. I need to add a General Elective Course, how do I do that?

To add a General Elective course use the Student Centre ADD/DROP options. If you still need assistance, please email your English Coordinator, clayton.cobb@senecacollege.ca


5. I'm a current student and I need to add a second semester or upper level class to my schedule but all sections are currently closed.

If you are current student looking to add a second or third level course and all sections are closed, please add the WAITLIST course to your timetable. To add the WAITLIST course, please go to your Student Centre account and use the ADD course feature. This will help ensure you can get into a section of that course. You will receive notifications via email once a seat in that course is available for you. You will then be able to log in to your Student Centre, DROP the WAITLIST course and ADD the available course.



Starting in fourth semester, you will be required to select Professional Option courses to your timetable.


6. I would like to add a Professional Option course to my schedule, but all sections are closed.

If a CNS/CTY Professional Option course is closed, please email your Academic Adviser rei.tang@senecacollege.ca Please include the following information:

  • Program Name:
  • Student Number:
  • Is this your last semester:
  • How many Professional courses do you need to add this term:
  • List courses in order of preference:
  • For winter-term BSD and CPA/CPD pro options that are full, click here to apply for wait-list.

The waitlist will be processed on a first come first serve basis. Please note, professional options are subject to availability.


7. I'm an International Student who can I speak to if I have questions about my study visa?

If you have questions about your student visa, please speak with the International Student Services Office.

Seneca International at Newnham Campus, D2000 | 416.491.5050 ext. 22608 


8. I'm a current student and would like to transfer from my current program to another program in the School of ICT.

We recommend you discuss this with your Academic Adviser before starting the process.

Transfer Credit

Transfer Credits are granted for courses taken at another accredited postsecondary institutions which are deemed as equivalent to a course at Seneca. This is a free service available to current full- and part-time students and former students who may require a credit in order to meet graduation requirements. For more information visit this link

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